October 10, 2005

Apple taking over AOL?

This would be the best case scenario for the Internet Industry, with the clout and Star Power of Apple, would put cat among the pigeons, for the Internet Colossi viz. Google, Yahoo, AOL, eBay & MSN, which will improve the industry by leaps and bounds. The way Apple functions under the legendary CEO Steve Jobs, who makes complex of things, very easy for the average Joe, would be a Great addition to the Colossi.

I reckon, with the unmatched power of the Internet as a medium, which cuts across multitude of spheres, will find a new player like Apple, to be an Inflection point for the Internet. With Google proving how a simple yet powerful Idea can ignite any Industry, and give its incumbents a run for their money, is a case in point. Just imagine Google and Apple slugging it out with Innovation and UI as their weapons, to bring the best of services like Blogs, Search, Podcasts, email, IM, Photos, Shopping, Digital Media etc...

In the long run, Best case would be if the two behemoths to co-exist harmoniously, with Apple using Google’s search, with its own top layer for the results, something akin to Amazon’s A9. With Google possibly tying up with Apple for Media offerings right from Music through Movies, and Apple for Search and Net Infrastructure. With each improving on the User Experience manifold, can potentially take it to a new level.

Apple already has the Internet tools like the Safari Web Browser, .mac service and its iLife suite, which once ported onto the net, would be a compelling offering for the consumers on the net. Guess one can only pray that Steve Jobs evinces interest in AOL. And the worst case would be, AOL being usurped by Microsoft(MSN), which will surely stifle competition, should it ever succeed.


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At October 11, 2005 1:47 PM , Blogger Sreedhar P. said...

Kewl Blog...Absolutely written by someone who propagates competition and is Anti-MSN.

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