June 19, 2007

Safari 3 Shortcuts for Windows

I love using shortkeys a lot, here are the ones i know for Safari 3 for windows.

Back -               Ctrl + [ 

Forward -             Ctrl + ]

Bookmarks -         Ctrl + Alt + B

Home -                Ctrl + Shift + H

Page Down -         Space bar

Refresh -              F5
Switch Between 
open windows -      Alt + Tab

Go to Google -       Ctrl + Alt + F
(on the menu)
Open new window - Alt + N

Close a window -   Alt + F4

Next Tab -           Ctrl + Shift + ]

Previous Tab -     Ctrl + Shift + [ 

Please let me know if there are any others that i need to add to the list.

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June 18, 2007

My Firefox Add-ons

I'm using the following Firefox Add-ons (Extentions), which i find very useful for my online escapades.
# Scrapbook - Helps you to save webpages for later off-line reading, a great tool with editing tools etc.. Ideal for research. 
# URL Fixer  Fixes the common errors made in the URLs
# Dictionary Tooltip  Gets the meanings right in the browser, along with pronunciation. A must-have for a quick word lookup.
# PDF Download   Allows you to view in PDF or HTML, a nice, nifty tool.
# Daily Dilbert  Daily dose of Dilbert. 
# Download Statusbar  A better way than the default Firefox Download Manager.
# Chroma Tabs  A nice tints for the Tabs, with site-specific colors, easier to pick from the multiple tabs.
# Image Zoom Zooms the images right on the webpage, nice addition to the right-click menu.
# Video Downloader  Helpful in downloading videos off YouTube, Metacafe etc.

Click here for the complete list

Test drive to get a firsthand experience, i'm sure you'll like some of them. 

November 03, 2006

Hyderabad - The Software Training Capital

Hyderabad has come to be known as 'TheSoftware Training Capital', since the Mid 90s. There is a suburb in Hyderabad called 'Ameerpet', where most of the Training Institutes are located. Its a learning hotbed for the latest Software technologies. The training institutes spread around HUDA Maitrivanam and Adithya Enclave, and there are about 100 institutes in the vicinity.

Software Programmers, IT & CS Students, Beginners, to name a few, come here to learn new technologies. Its amazing to look at the sheer breadth of Software training programs offered:

* C & Data structures,C++, Unix
* Java Technologies - Core & Advanced, J2EE,AJAX,XML,Web Services
* Microsoft Technologies - Visual Basic,VC++,C#,ADO.Net,ATLAS/AJAX on .Net
* LAMP Technologies (Linux,Apache,MySql,PHP)
* IBM Websphere Technologies (Lotus,Tivoli),Mainframes, AS/400
* Oracle Forms, Reports, databse
* Oracle Apps (Financials,OM,SCM,HRMS,CRM),DBA & the Technical Track.
* Peoplesoft (HRMS, Financials etc.)
* Siebel CRM
* Datawarehousing(cognos,Informtica), Data Mining
* Testing Tools (WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, SQA etc.)
* Windows Administration
* Linux/Unix Administration
* CAD/CAM Tools
* Embedded Systems
* Lotus Administration
* Database Administration
* Windows,HTML & MS-Office Tools
* Hardware Course

Hyderbad is peerless in terms of size and affordability.

Authorised Training Institutes

Oracle School of Advanced Software
IBM School of Enterprise Wide Computing
Keane School of Excellence
SAP @ Siemens
Sun Technologies
Institute of Electronic Governance


For staying in Hyderabad,it is advisable to stay close-by in Ameerpet, one can cut down on the commute, and you can network with others better.


There are lots of Hostels,Mens & Womens, which start-off at Rs1800-Rs4000 (Includes Lunch & Dinner), as of Nov'06.
Aditya Park Inn Which is situated right in the midst of all the Training Institutes.

Hotel Green Park

The Ameerpet Institutes are an indispensable component in the India IT Industry ecosystem. People from all over India, and some from abroad, flock to Hyderabad to learn and fine tune their software skills. No wonder Hyderabad has won the moniker of "The Software Training Capital"

List of Other Software Institutes

August 31, 2006

Google Define: A Great Knowledge Tool

Google's definition function, on its search bar, is a great tool for researchers, students and knowledge seekers, alike.

I have always looked for a nice online dictionary like m-w.com, onelook.com, the free dictionary etc. But as soon as i started using Google's definition, it grew on me, as it is has an excellent source in wordnet of Princeton.

e.g. In Google search type, define:obscure

It's not just English words or phrases. You can try knowing about Computer terminlogoy e.g. define:USB or define:HTML, or Science terms, define:DNA

I don't think there is a better source that gives such an excellent selection of sources on the web, in one place.

The only way to know about the power of it, is by test driving it for a while. I'm sure most will love this. As a rule, i always have another browser window opened, just for Google definition. Happy Defining :)

Apple should release Safari for Windows

Why can't Apple release it's beautiful Safari web browser for Windows users?

It makes great sense, simply because, its a huge economic success for Firefox, it made close to $70 Million last year from having the Google serach bar on it. By releasing Safari for windows, Apple can atleast garner 10% marketshare in no time.

It tasted success with its iTunes music player for windows, translating the same success into the browser space is a no-brainer. Moreover, it helps Apple in bringing more people to Mac.

The development cost of Safari for Windows can easily be recovered in no time. It's about time Steve thought of releasing this piece, as it wins hands down as 'The Most used Application on the PC', today.

March 16, 2006

Google Base for your Domain?

Could this also be extended as a "Hosted Ecommerce Platform" for Retailers? I think so. This can so easily be offered, like their "Gmail for ur Domain" service.They've a comprehensive set of elements, to make Online trasactions seamless, with Google Payments complementing the Value Proposition.

Consumers and Retailers alike, would embrace this move by Google into the ecommerce space. But the service needs to be fine tuned and developed further, before it can come out of Beta. This has all the ingredients for a battle of sorts in the Ecommerce space among ebay, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

March 09, 2006

RSS Feed Reader: A Killer-App in the making

RSS Feed Reader is a great Web 2.0 tool, to be in the know of the things that we read and care about, online. With the growing number of Web sites that one has to visit just to keep-up is just too cumbersome, to say the least. Hence using a Reader to manage is a great way of doing it.

Once we start using it, we can just about subscribe to many Sites which offer XML links to their site. I've been using Google Reader since its launch, and its second incarnation is even better, with Ajaxified-UI, better manage subscriptions, works better than its previous form for me.

There are other desktop based feed readers, but i prefer all my subscriptions go with me, just like my email. So, if you're still thinking about trying out a RSS Reader, now is the time. They've grown from their complex begining and have become much more user friendly.

Open Standards: The Harbinger for Innovation

Open standards, absence of which has stymied Innovation for over a decade, is beginning to gain traction, with Internet coming to the rescue of Innovators.

With Major players viz. Apple, Oracle, SAP which shied away from Standards, are the new poster children.

A case in point, Open Document Format, is an attempt to make it platform agnostic, which will make sharing documents a lot easier for users. Microsoft is not supporting Open Document Format in its upcoming Office 12, fearing losing control on the proprietary .doc format, tantamount to “holding Microsoft users to ransom, would be an understatement. The decision of Massachusetts State to embrace Open Document as the only document standard, is a good beginning.

The overwhelming success of the GSM standard in Mobile Phones, which is a non-proprietary technology, as opposed to CDMA, owned by Qualcomm, only proves the players liking for the Open Standard, GSM.

The Internet standards body, W3C, has set Technology Standards for the Web Viz. HTML, XML, CSS, Scripting etc.. which has led to massive adoption and popularity of Internet, for new generation Applications, with the Web becoming the de facto platform.

On the Web, HTML is the de facto standard. "And XML will do to Data, what HTML has done to the UI", as aptly pointed by Adam Bosworth. With RSS, XForms, XSL will greatly help the New Internet age Applications . HTML stood the test of time, as the standard UI for the Internet. which spawned explosion of Applications in Web 2.0 space.

The pace for Standards, will only increase exponentially, once companies realize the coming revolution of The Internet Era.

February 12, 2006

Google working on Thin Client?

It looks like Google is working on a Thin Client Model. Because of the
way they are architecting their whole play on the Internet, like the
introduction of Google Desktop 3, which allows people to store their PC
information on the Google Servers, is a hint where Google's strategy is
headed. The Google search box with the desktop on the right corner of
the desktop, makes me think tht this is where people would start for
everything on their desktop , a la windows Start button.

Creating a beautiful UI on top of Linux (ubuntu rumours!), might take a
lot less time than develping an OS all by themselves. And if thin
client really is the model, then it takes lot less time to develop a
browser, which I reckon is the Most used software on any PC. With the
inclusion of Open Office it will have all the tools necessary for any
PC user. Looking at the hires its highly probable, like Firefox's
Goodger works for google now. Another Apple guy (??) who created OS for
Mac 1 is working with Google.

With its prowess of storing terabytes of information on its servers and
effectively managing them. Google is eminently skilled for pulling out
the Thin Client Model.