March 09, 2006

RSS Feed Reader: A Killer-App in the making

RSS Feed Reader is a great Web 2.0 tool, to be in the know of the things that we read and care about, online. With the growing number of Web sites that one has to visit just to keep-up is just too cumbersome, to say the least. Hence using a Reader to manage is a great way of doing it.

Once we start using it, we can just about subscribe to many Sites which offer XML links to their site. I've been using Google Reader since its launch, and its second incarnation is even better, with Ajaxified-UI, better manage subscriptions, works better than its previous form for me.

There are other desktop based feed readers, but i prefer all my subscriptions go with me, just like my email. So, if you're still thinking about trying out a RSS Reader, now is the time. They've grown from their complex begining and have become much more user friendly.


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