August 31, 2006

Google Define: A Great Knowledge Tool

Google's definition function, on its search bar, is a great tool for researchers, students and knowledge seekers, alike.

I have always looked for a nice online dictionary like,, the free dictionary etc. But as soon as i started using Google's definition, it grew on me, as it is has an excellent source in wordnet of Princeton.

e.g. In Google search type, define:obscure

It's not just English words or phrases. You can try knowing about Computer terminlogoy e.g. define:USB or define:HTML, or Science terms, define:DNA

I don't think there is a better source that gives such an excellent selection of sources on the web, in one place.

The only way to know about the power of it, is by test driving it for a while. I'm sure most will love this. As a rule, i always have another browser window opened, just for Google definition. Happy Defining :)


At December 20, 2006 5:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice write-up. Apart from Google's Glossary feature, it also can be used to track packages, weather reports etc. has a nice article on this. Exploring Google's Hidden Features



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