February 12, 2006

Google working on Thin Client?

It looks like Google is working on a Thin Client Model. Because of the
way they are architecting their whole play on the Internet, like the
introduction of Google Desktop 3, which allows people to store their PC
information on the Google Servers, is a hint where Google's strategy is
headed. The Google search box with the desktop on the right corner of
the desktop, makes me think tht this is where people would start for
everything on their desktop , a la windows Start button.

Creating a beautiful UI on top of Linux (ubuntu rumours!), might take a
lot less time than develping an OS all by themselves. And if thin
client really is the model, then it takes lot less time to develop a
browser, which I reckon is the Most used software on any PC. With the
inclusion of Open Office it will have all the tools necessary for any
PC user. Looking at the hires its highly probable, like Firefox's
Goodger works for google now. Another Apple guy (??) who created OS for
Mac 1 is working with Google.

With its prowess of storing terabytes of information on its servers and
effectively managing them. Google is eminently skilled for pulling out
the Thin Client Model.