June 19, 2007

Safari 3 Shortcuts for Windows

I love using shortkeys a lot, here are the ones i know for Safari 3 for windows.

Back -               Ctrl + [ 

Forward -             Ctrl + ]

Bookmarks -         Ctrl + Alt + B

Home -                Ctrl + Shift + H

Page Down -         Space bar

Refresh -              F5
Switch Between 
open windows -      Alt + Tab

Go to Google -       Ctrl + Alt + F
(on the menu)
Open new window - Alt + N

Close a window -   Alt + F4

Next Tab -           Ctrl + Shift + ]

Previous Tab -     Ctrl + Shift + [ 

Please let me know if there are any others that i need to add to the list.

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June 18, 2007

My Firefox Add-ons

I'm using the following Firefox Add-ons (Extentions), which i find very useful for my online escapades.
# Scrapbook - Helps you to save webpages for later off-line reading, a great tool with editing tools etc.. Ideal for research. 
# URL Fixer  Fixes the common errors made in the URLs
# Dictionary Tooltip  Gets the meanings right in the browser, along with pronunciation. A must-have for a quick word lookup.
# PDF Download   Allows you to view in PDF or HTML, a nice, nifty tool.
# Daily Dilbert  Daily dose of Dilbert. 
# Download Statusbar  A better way than the default Firefox Download Manager.
# Chroma Tabs  A nice tints for the Tabs, with site-specific colors, easier to pick from the multiple tabs.
# Image Zoom Zooms the images right on the webpage, nice addition to the right-click menu.
# Video Downloader  Helpful in downloading videos off YouTube, Metacafe etc.

Click here for the complete list

Test drive to get a firsthand experience, i'm sure you'll like some of them.